Has been over a month since I've made significant enough progress that warranted an update - not very proud of that fact, BUT I have been trying hard to spend at least an hour a day on this app so that I can finish it and move on to other side projects I'd like to work on. This is now the 3rd consecutive day I've done so, hopefully I can keep it up.

As I've mentioned before, my app integrates with Evernote, specifically adding some functionality to Evernote that I would like to have. Since my last update, it now saves stuff to a SQLLite database, and I was able to successfully create a note utilizing an 'EvernoteHelper' class I wrote. Progress!

One thing I fought with for a while was the database 'Helper' and 'Contract' classes that are documented in the Android dev site at http://developer.android.com/training/basic…. The documentation makes it seem like they are all one class, with the Helper class as an inner class within the Contract class, but I might be reading this wrong. Anyway, I had trouble getting it to work in that fashion so I ended up creating a separate class for each, and then things worked out.

On a side note, in my quest to find cool new places to hang out and work in my new city of Dayton, OH (been here since May), I stumbled upon Proto Build Bar (http://www.protobuildbar.com) last Saturday. This place is pretty awesome. It's a maker/hacker space that is focused on unleashing one's creativity and they serve coffee AND beer. If you're in the area, check it out.